What’s a Dunker?

Dunker is a nickname that was given to a group of people who simply called themselves, “the brethren.” These are people who find hope in new possibilities as they gather together with others in following Jesus.  Some found it curious that these brethren declared their commitment to Christ and each other by being dunked (baptized) in water three times.  In the old days, some people even broke ice in the dead of winter to get dunked! They wanted to be baptized as Jesus was but they knew that the spiritual life was far more than just getting wet!  They knew that being loved by God and surrounded by an accepting community of friends brings out the best in people and they in turn become a blessing to others. The nickname “Dunker” isn’t used much anymore.  Indeed, people who have already made a commitment to Christ can join the Brethren by simply re-affirming their faith.  Still, the old nickname says something important about these people who want to follow the example of Jesus and make a positive difference in the world – even if it means getting dunked!

Interested in learning more?

Our congregation is a part of the Church of the Brethren, a denomination with roots in the Anabaptist and Pietist movements of late 17th and early 18th-century Germany and a 300 year heritage as a historic peace church. From its beginning in 1708 the Church of the Brethren has been committed to peace and justice in our interactions with one another and with the world, practiced mindful simplicity, and sought to be non-hierarchical.

We claim no creeds except the New Testament, as interpreted in community with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We practice believer’s baptism through trine (3x) immersion. Once a year we gather to celebrate the Love Feast, a remembrance and re-enactment of the last supper of Jesus and his disciples that includes times for personal spiritual examination, washing one another’s feet, and a shared meal that includes the bread and cup of communion.

There are over 1,000 Church of the Brethren congregations across the U.S. In addition the denomination has global ties to churches in Brazil, India, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Spain, and other countries. The Church of the Brethren has a long tradition of being highly ecumenical, working with other churches and denominations at the local level and through organizations such as the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches.

Most importantly, we seek to follow Jesus, simply, peacefully, together!