West Charleston Church of the Brethren

Team Leaders

Our leadership is structured according to our vision: 

Creating Community Inspired by Christ: Welcoming Unconditionally, Transforming Lives, Serving Courageously, Glorifying God

Leadership Chair: Carol Strayer  (photo)

Welcoming Unconditionally: Julia Lutz (photo)

This team establishes an inviting and hospitable culture, organizes community meals, and provides occasional events for new members as they build relationships within the congregation.

Transforming Lives: Gene Karn (photo)

The Deacon body serves as our Transforming Lives team. They provide spiritual care for the congregation and help facilitate ordinances such as communion, anointing, and baptism.

Serving Courageously: Stephen Flores (photo)

This team’s naming stemmed from a time when the church desired to serve children–who we now have! Serving Courageously oversees Sunday School opportunities, youth activities, and occasional events for families.

Glorifying God: Doug Gray (photo)     Music Leader: Elijah Gray (photo)

This team’s responsibility is our weekly worship. Beyond planning themes and music with pastors, they help cover all the technological needs for our hybrid service, including translation to Spanish via headsets during the sermon.

Building Resources: John Hofer (photo)      Treasurer: Jean Karn (photo)

This team works with upkeep for the building, budget, and finances.

If you would like contact information for a specific team, please call or email the church office and let us know who you’re trying to reach. Thank you!